Cofie Edwin Matey is my name. I come from the republic of Ghana. Ghana is a country, which was called "Gold Coast of West Africa". It was colonize by the British and gained indipendence on 6th. March, 1957. I was born in a reputable town called Krobo Odumase the seat of the paramount chief of the Krobos, in the south eastern part of Ghana.

When I first came to Japan, I was always asked by many Japanese, "where do you come from? "If I replied them "I come from Ghana", then they asked me, "May I ask you, Ghana is America?" Or "May I ask you, Ghana is Chocolate?"

From such uncountable questions asked by many Japanese people, I deduced that almost all-Japanese people do not know things about Ghana. What they know is that Ghana is abundant in natural resources such as gold, diamond, lumber, cocoa, bauxite, manganese, etc. as well as cash crops for exprots.

Specifically, I want Japanese to know that Ghana is rich in friendship and in diversity of cultural as well as in beautiful nature and beautiful cloudless sky. For this reason, I have established Afrikico Company Limited, aiming at sending the best Ghanaian handicrafts and culture to my Japanese friends

Afrikico means, "Listen To Africa"

In addition, my dreams is to support Ghanaian/African art and craft manufacturers, both men and women, so that they may be able to become independent economically and improve their social status. I would like to contribute to their improvement of life by importing/selling products made by crafts men and women in the whole land of Africa including Ghana.

I am now personally collecting African artistic handicrafts. This is because people in Japan will be fascinated by the old one, new one, power, beauty, magic and craftmanship of those African Handicrafts. In my company, Afrikico Company Limited, I by myself lay special importance on quality and the cultural originality and assort various kinds of goods that I select carefully. The said goods include the following: Ashante and Ewe Kente Textiles/Fabrics, Bolgatanga Baskets, Krobo Beads from Krobo Odumase where I was born, Musical instruments, Metal and wooden sculptures (antique and new), Mask Furniture etc. those goods are introduced in our Home Page, too.

If you are seeking for any kind of goods that are not mentioned in the Home Page, please do not hesitate to let me know by the use of E-mail:

ZIPCODE 220−0073
ADDRESS Manshion 103, 2-16-1 Okano, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, 220-0073 JAPAN
TEL 81-(0)45-317-7890
FAX 81-(0)45-317-7643
PRESIDENT Cofie Edwin Matey
HEAD OFFICE IN GHANA Afrikicof Enterprise
P.O.Box 137, Nsawan, GHANA
BUSINESS Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer Wholesaler, Retailer of African Art & Crafts and General Goods. Organiser of Trade Show
MAIN IMPORT COUNTRY Ghana, West Africa, Africa
ITEM Textiles, Baskets, Beads & Accessories, Antique Trade/Glass Beads, Musical Instruments, Metal and wooden Sculptures
BANKERS Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank

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